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At Primelab Diagnostics Laboratory, we offer more than just accurate test results and quick turnaround time. We provide physicians, and their patients as well as pharmaceutical companies the highest level of personalized service with career laboratory representation, efficiency and redundancy in medical diagnostics, multiple testing platforms and choices, and unsurpassed quality assurance programs.

We provide highly differentiated services centered around:



We use, among other techniques, Liquid Chromatography combined with Tandem Mass spectrometry as one of the most common methods of detection for the bioanalysis of a drug or chemical. Quantitative LC/MS/MS is the tool of choice for selective and sensitive detection of most compounds and medical samples delivering fast, and accurate identification to support the critical analysis that drives decision-making and allows you to meet your milestones on time.



Our laboratory is organized around a formal quality management system that supports consistent procedures. The management team and quality unit play an integral role in a quality-driven culture, along with structures for monitoring ongoing quality. Our Process control encompasses QC processes for testing, collection, sample handling, method verification and process validation.


Turnaround time

Assessment and improvement of turnaround times is essential for laboratory quality management as well as ensuring patient satisfaction. We aim at providing a turnaround time (TAT) in 24-48 hours including tests performed by LCMS method. We will also strive to shorten turnaround time for critical cases in order to ensure best patient outcome. Our TAT is certainly much shorter than the time it takes to send the samples out of the country due to the lack of local service.

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Biochemistry & Hematology

Reliable, timely, high-quality, cost effective and innovative diagnostics service and to patients, physicians, and health care providers.

Bio Analytical Testing

Precise detection and quantitation of drugs and biomarkers in biological samples using advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrophotometry.

Pharmaceutical Testing

The need of quality testing for all the pharmaceutical products API is delivered by tandem LCMS-MS. The extensive testing of high..

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