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About Us

What About Us

Welcome to Primelab Diagnostics, home of the Advanced Testing

At Primelab Diagnostics Laboratory, we offer more than just accurate test results and quick turnaround time. We provide physicians, and their patients as well as pharmaceutical companies the highest level of personalized service with career laboratory representation, efficiency and redundancy in medical diagnostics, multiple testing platforms and choices, and unsurpassed quality assurance programs. Our commitment and singular focus on patient diagnostics places us as the leading and fastest growing laboratory in the U.A.E. and Middle East.

To be the leading reference laboratory in the GCC and the Middle East in localizing advanced clinical diagnostic technologies based on mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing, and to be the premier local partner for innovation and advancement in clinical and pharmaceutical research.

• Improve patient outcome by localizing special critical assays and thus reducing turnaround time of result to doctors, and consequently enhancing their medical decisions.
• Deliver the highest level of quality results by employing Gold Standard techniques and adhering to the highest international accreditation standards.
• Provide access to local scientists the know-how to develop and train on cutting edge diagnostics technologies.
• Collaborate with the academic and pharmaceutical research institutions in the GCC by providing access to novel analytical techniques.
• Build partnership with local hospitals and laboratories in the region to our technologies to improve patient care.

Why Choose Us

We are your partner of choice for Medical and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics and Testing. We offer:

Latest Equipment
Highest Quality Results
State of the Art Facility
Unmatched Expertise