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Biochemistry & Hematology

Reliable, timely, high-quality, cost effective and innovative diagnostics service and to patients, physicians, and health care providers. Accurate and precise test results ensured by traceability to international reference standards. Reliable blood test for all the biochemical markers for effective prognosis and early diagnosis of the disease and disorders. We utilize the best-in-class analyzers and offer smooth operation and extensive test menu for organs, body and lifestyle panels.

Bio Analytical Testing

Precise detection and quantitation of drugs and biomarkers in biological samples using advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrophotometry. The sensitivity and specificity of the MS delivers accurate results in picogram level aiding in proper diagnosis and treatment of patients. The LCMSMS - New Born screening program is vital for timely detection of alarming genetic disorders/ like Phenyl-ketonuria, Maple syrup disease, hormones and enzymes disorders, and thalassemia traits in newly born babes and their healthy living.

Pharmaceutical Testing

The need of quality testing for all the pharmaceutical products API is delivered by tandem LCMS-MS. The extensive testing of high volume of samples demanded for bioavailability and bioequivalence is efficiently achieved by our Multichannel LC system with loop injection module for quick sampling and result generation. The target separation and impurities analysis of pharmaceutical products in a mixture by applying turbo channel dedicated for online sample separation that offers smooth preanalytical processing, and highly reproducible results.